Update on Water Situation

The City is currently busy with an investigation in relation to the current water disruption in the eastern side of the city which include amongst other areas: Estoire, Ribblesdale and Bergman Square.

The following steps are being taken to correct the situation:

  • The City has already identified the first leakage on the pipeline upstream of the Freedom Reservoir next to M10 road in the new East End this morning. A team is currently busy with the preparatory work to fix the leakage.
  • We are also increasing the water inflow to the Freedom Square Reservoir which supplies the affected areas from 65% to 100% as from 04:00 this morning.

We have put a contingency plan place at the affected areas. We are currently putting water tankers in strategic areas that are affected such as Aljo’s Spar on the N8, Ribblesdale and Bergman Square.

The city would like to apologise to the affected communities for the inconvenience caused.