Water Supply Problem

We are still experiencing the challenges of supplying water efficiently due to the low river level at Maselspoort.

The following areas are still affected:

  • Pentagon
  • Heuwelsig
  • Lillyvalle
  • Spitzkop

These are the high laying areas.  We must take note though that the water scarcity in our rivers that are running dry are realities that the country is facing . Water tankers are being  despatched to different areas. We have requested councillors to engage with Engineering directorate for distribution  operation of water tankers.

Maselspoort will start supplying water later today and tomorrow and full restoration can be expected tomorrow and Tuesday in worse case scenario. The city will engage DWA because there are people that withdrawing water at Maselspoort dam(upstream) this also contribute to delay of water supply to the city as their building their own dam.